May we present: the digital health coach
boso medicus system.

The new boso medicus system:
precise, secure, conclusive.


  • Accurate and comfortable
    blood pressure measurement
    on the upper arm
  • Measurement accuracy according to
    the strict test protocol of the European
    Society of Hypertension (ESH)
  • Storage and evaluation of the
    measured data with the boso app -
    easy and without registration

  • Reports can be sent by e-mail 

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After the measurement, the data collected can be sent via bluetooth
to the boso app for graphical and statistical evaluations:

  • No registration required -
    just open the app and get started
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory
    user guidance
  • Professional analysis of
    blood pressure, pulse and
    possible arrhythmias

  • Conclusive assessments
    (from short to long term) 

  • Maximum data protection:
    secure transmissions,
    no storage in the cloud


Telemonitoring with the boso app

boso can transmit the blood pressure measurements directly to your attending physician. This way, your doctor can control your treatment even better and over a longer period. For this purpose, we have integrated this interface to SciTIM. in our boso app. SciTIM. ensures that your physician has your measured values available in his software programme - convenient and safe viaencrypted and anonymized data exchange. If your doctor is already using SciTIM., you can simply unlock this function at your doctor’s office and you will receive your password. Your documented blood pressure measurements will then be transmitted to your doctor via SciTIM. over a period of time that your doctor will determine with you (usually once a year during 8 weeks).You must give your full agreement to your doctor in advance before the data transfer occurs.  If your doctor does not yet support SciTIM., you are welcome to inform him about this possibility. Simply use this flyer.


Please note:

The boso app is compatible with iOS 11 and Android 5 and higher and with at least the following devices:

iPhone 5 | iPhone 6 | iPhone 7 | iPhone 8 | iPhone X | iPad Air 2

Samsung Galaxy S5 | Samsung Galaxy S5 mini | Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo | Samsung Galaxy S6 
Samsung Galaxy S7 | Samsung Galaxy S8 | Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy A3 | Samsung Galaxy A5 | Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
Samsung Galaxy Alpha | Samsung Galaxy Tab A | Samsung Galaxy Tab E | Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Motorola Moto e Generation 2 | Moto Z Play | Sony XPERIA Z3 | Google Nexus 5X

Huawei P9 Lite | LG G4 | LG G5

The boso App is available in the following languages:

Deutsch            Englisch            Französisch       Italienisch         Spanisch 
Schwedisch      Dänisch             Norwegisch        Finnisch           Ungarisch 
Tschechisch      Slowakisch