The best upper arm blood pressure monitor (Stiftung Warentest 05/2019 and 11/2018)

The German consumer foundation Stiftung Warentest has recently tested blood pressure instruments and the foundation named once again boso as the test winner in the category upper arm devices. In the product tests by Stiftung Warentest, the boso blood pressure in-struments place regularly among the first. In the current test only 3 blood pressure instru-ments were awarded the grade "good", from which two were from boso.

The high quality of these two top devices is found in all other premium blood pressure in-struments with identical measurement technology. This is also confirmed by the test results of other independent professional organisations: All digital boso self-measuring devices have passed the criteria of the German Hypertension League and the rigorous test protocol of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH).

boso blood pressure instruments not only provide high measurement accuracy, they are also particularly easy to use and even detect cardiac arrhythmias (such as extrasystole, atrial fi-brillation, etc.).

Trust boso - the brand, which also 96% of all German general practitioners, medical practitioners and internists rely on
(API study of the GfK 01/2016).

The result of the German consumer foundation Stiftung Warentest is a beautiful testament to the entire boso philosophy: blood pressure instruments produced in the highest quality and precision for all - from the professional sector to the self-measurement at home.

In the product test under the title “Wahre Werte” 05/2016 (“Real Values”) 15 blood pres-sure measuring instruments were tested for their accuracy. Blood pressure provides im-portant information about the health status and millions of people check their blood pres-sure regularly to identify in advance hypertension and other consequences. You can find the entire product test at