• 4.5 million Germans are affected.
  • The life expectancy of those affected is reduced by approx. 10 years, every 5th dies within 5 years.
  • 9 out of 10 patients show no classic symptoms and thus remain undetected. With the same risk!

Source: getABI study | www.getabi.de

The measurement of the ankle-brachial index with the boso ABI-system takes 1 minute and also discovers asymptomatic patients. Reliable and simple – so it can easily be delegated to employees. Optional with PWV measurement for the evaluation of arterial stiffness.

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The ankle brachial index is the best predictor of heart attack, stroke and mortality. An ABI reading of < 0.9, compared with the angiogram as the gold standard, has a sensitivity of up to 95% in identifying PAOD, and conversely rules out this condition in healthy people with a specificity of almost 100%. The boso ABIsystem 100 determines this decisive value so easily, quickly and accurately that the test can be performed as a routine check on any patient.

Pulse wave velocity (PWV) is an additional tool used to diagnose PAOD and measures arterial stiffness. This measurement function is an optional extra with the boso ABI system. It allows pulse wave velocity (ba) to be measured on both sides, and pulse wave velocity (ca) can be calculated from the results.

boso's ABI measurement system plugs an important gap in cardiovascular diagnosis. A must for your day-to-day practice.

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Clinical study Swiss Medical Weekly (26th June 2009)