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The boso database

Always the latest image and text data for all boso products or application images for self-monitoring of blood pressure. Easy and simple - offered as downloads here.

Request your personal access here:

Terms and conditions for usage of boso images and text data:

The material may not be modified. All images may only be used in combination with boso products. Furthermore, forwarding of the images is not permitted at any time. Use of all images is time-limited and can be revoked by boso at any time. We therefore ask you to contact us each calendar year to check whether the data is still up-to date. Please note, that your user name and password have to be renew annually to continue your access to the download-area.

Use of the Stiftung Warentest logo with license number 20RK93 is time-limited and will expire at 08/25/2023. It may only be used in the Federal Republic of Germany. Active advertising with said logo outside the Federal Republic of Germany is not permitted.
The general LOGO LICENSE Terms and Conditions of the Stiftung Warentest in dealing with the logos for promotional purposes can be read here.

Subject to technical changes. No liability for printer's error.