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boso TM-2450 – 24-hour blood pressure monitor


Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABDM) is still considered the most effective method for diagnosing arterial hypertension. The new boso TM-2450 is even smaller, lighter and quieter, and the belt pouch with belt + strap has been optimised for comfortable carrying.

Even more comfort for your patients, even more efficiency for you.

NEW: Extension with cBP (central Blood Pressure)

For professional use to determine the central blood pressure

boso TM-2450 cBP with
boso profil-manager XD

Central blood pressure is considered an important predictor of cardiovascular damage and complications and is more significant than peripheral blood pressure. It is present in the aorta and thus has a direct influence on the heart, kidneys and brain.

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for your medical practice


Benefit from the simple operation, precise measurement and quick, clear evaluation of the measurement data. 


For 24-hour blood pressure measurement, the boso TM-2450 impresses with its proven familiar quality and user-friendliness. 


The frequency of the blood pressure measurements is adjustable and takes place as standard at 15-minute intervals during the waking phase and every 30 minutes during the sleeping phase.

Alternatively, the meter has a preset automatic programme. With the push of a button, you start a recording of blood pressure and heart rate for at least 20 hours duration.

Do you need more specific data on your patient? Individualised interval times, start and end of day and night mode can be set clearly and conveniently on the PC using the boso profile manager XD software.

The measurement results are precise in almost every situation due to the oscillometric measurement method.

for your patients


Now 20.5% smaller, 22.5% lighter, 33% quieter* and the belt pouch with strap + carrying strap has been optimised for comfortable carrying.

* Values refer to the boso TM-2430 PC 2


At just 175 g, the boso TM-2450 is the lightweight among the 24-hour blood pressure monitors and, with dimensions of W 66 mm x H 25 mm x D 95 mm, is particularly small and flat. It is easy to store and comfortable to wear so it will be accepted by your patients. 


A patient-friendly sleep button allows manual control of the sleep mode.

connect and evaluate

boso profil-manager XD


Once the boso TM-2450 is connected, you can immediately access the patient data via the boso software.


Simply connect it and the patient data is read out immediately. Comprehensive and precise diagnostics are made possible by the boso profile manager XD software, which displays up to 600 measured values in tabular form and in a long-term profile within seconds. The mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure and morning blood pressure rise (MBPS) are calculated. The transmitted and calculated data is also statistically evaluated.

The QMS-certified GDT interface makes the connection to your practice’s or clinic’s own systems uncomplicated and time-saving.

All data can be displayed in colour in clear tables and informative graphics. This means that you have everything important clearly structured at hand - ideal for documentation, patient discussions and for supplementing patient records.

The new software version of the boso profile manager XD is not limited to the boso TM-2450, but can additionally read in and evaluate the data from your patient’s blood pressure monitor (boso medicus system). The programme is also compatible with the boso ABI-system 100 for early PAVK detection (ankle-brachial index/ABI and pulse wave velocity/PWV).

data protection compliant


The identification number of each unit enables a unique assignment to the patient. On the device itself, all data is stored anonymously, not personalised and thus in compliance with data protection regulations.

Clinically validated


The boso TM-2450 is clinically validated according to DIN EN ISO 81060-2.

facts and figures


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