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Ambulatory blood pressure monitor boso TM-2430 PC 2

Precise long-term blood pressure measurement is an effective and important part of diagnostic procedures. 
The boso TM-2430 PC 2 is also economical in practice thanks to its rapid amortization, as it fulfills all the requirements for billing via the additional budget long-term RR. boso is the best-known brand for 24-hour blood pressure monitors. And the handling of the boso TM-2430 PC 2 is as comfortable and easy as you and your patients are used to from boso.


  • The device is clinically validated according to the BHS Grading A protocol for systole and diastole.
  • The boso TM-2430 PC 2 is very light compared to other 24-hour blood pressure monitors. Its low weight and small dimensions stand for pleasant wearing comfort and the best possible acceptance by your patients.
  • You determine the interval times, start and end of day and night mode or opt for the preset automatic program for recording for at least 20 hours.
  • Computer-assisted evaluation via the computer keyboard allows you to enter the desired settings - quickly and easily.
  • Recording of blood pressure values at least every 15 minutes (waking phase) or every 30 minutes (sleeping phase) with simultaneous recording of heart rate.
  • Can be initialized via a unique patient number - simplifies the workflow for devices operated in parallel.
  • Fast data transfer and evaluation. Plug in and you're done. With the software you can make the perfect diagnosis in seconds - from up to 350 measured values. Measured value tables, long-term profiles, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure and morning blood pressure surge (MBPS) are calculated and the data evaluated statistically.
  • Clear documentation of all evaluations through bold tables and graphics for colour printing and perfect documentation and supplementation of your patient records.
  • QMS-certified GDT interface for doctor's office or clinic EDPs, with integration of the software in all current computer systems.

The boso TM-2430 PC 2 is the lightweight amongst the ambulatory blood pressure monitors. Its low weight and compact dimensions stand for pleasant carrying convenience and best possible acceptance by your patients.

The oscillometric detection method guarantees accurate blood pressure readings in almost every situation. The boso TM-2430 PC 2 stores up to 350 measurements, is easy to handle and quickly programmable, with fully adjustable intervals and a user-friendly sleep function. The unit is clinical validated according to BHS protocol grading A for systole and diastole..

Your boso TM-2430 PC 2 will be amortized very quickly, because of its low cost and the powerful evaluation software. With the software boso profil-manager XD you can also transfer and analyse the readings from your patients’ digital blood pressure meter as well as the measurements of the boso ABI-system for early detection of PAD (ankle-brachial index/ABI and pulse wave velocity/PWV). Just more clarity for a reliable diagnosis and therapy control.

The complete set includes:

Case, battery charger, two sets of rechargeable batteries, carrying pouch, belt, wipe clean adult-sized cuff, PC connection cable and the software boso profile-manager XD.

You enter the settings with the computer keyboard. You fix the intervals, beginning and ending of the sleep period or you choose the preset automatic interval. The unit can be initialized via a fixed patient denomination.

With the software boso profile-manager XD you make diagnosis in just a few seconds. It enables you to create tables of pressure readings, display data either as long-term profiles and calculate mean arterial pressure, pulse and morning blood pressure surge (MBPS) and perform other statistical analyses on your data.

All evaluations can be printed as coloured tables and graphics – for a perfect documentation and as an additional record to your existing patients’ data base.

The QMS-certified GDT-Interface allows an easy integration into most computer systems of GP offices.

Especially with professional equipment you need to have not only accurate measurement results but also easy handling. New: the software boso profil-manager XD – the integrated software for a better overview and easier usage. This software combines the patient administration for the bosoABPM as well as for the boso-ABI instrument and patients’ home care blood pressure devices.

  1. The 24-hour blood pressure measurement with boso TM-2430 PC 2 guarantees accurate blood pressure readings with up to 350 measurements including tables of pressure readings. Graphs show the data in long-term profiles; mean arterial pressure is calculated; pulse and morning blood pressure surge (MBPS) are shown.
  2. The PAD screening gives you quick information on the risk for heart attack and stroke. The determination of the anklebrachial index (ABI) is essential. It can be done quickly, accurately and reliably with the boso ABI-system 100. The measurement of the pulse wave velocity (PWV) supplements the diagnosis of PAD and is a measure of arterial stiffness.
  3. Patients do their bp measurements at home. The boso PC blood pressure monitor stores all important information, such as date, time, blood pressure and pulse.
  4. Documentation of the ambulatory, ABI-/PWV- and patients’ measurements. All measurement data are transferred to the PC within seconds and processed and analyzed with the boso profil-manager XD. The GDT interface allows integration of the software into most computer systems of GP offices.