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Now vessel-oriented Initial examination with the

boso ABI-system 100

The measurement of the ankle-brachial index with the boso ABI-system takes 1 minute and also discovers asymptomatic patients. Reliable and simple – so it can easily be delegated to employees. Optional with PWV measurement for the evaluation of arterial stiffness.

The sophisticated software accurately calculates ABI both on the left and on the right side.

Other important cardiovascular parameters are also measured, such as individual blood pressure readings in arms and legs, differences in blood pressure on different sides of the body (subclavian artery stenosis), pulse, pulse pressure, oscillation profile and pointers to possible cardiac dysrhythmia disorders. This information is easily identifiable as all critical values are highlighted in a different colours.

*Diehm C., Schuster A., Allenberg H. et al. High prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and comorbidity in 6,880 primary care patients: cross sectional study. Atherosclerosis. 2004; 172:95–105