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Accessories and spare parts in boso quality

The right accessories for all boso products - matched to your device and in original boso quality. Are you looking for an additional blood pressure cuff or another cuff in a different size? You need a new power supply for your device? Here you will find an overview of all original boso spare parts and accessories for boso devices.

boso velcro cuffs

Perfectly matched to our digital blood pressure instruments

boso velcro cuffs are available in different sizes - suitable for every age and type.

All features at a glance

Optimally tuned to the intelligent automatic inflation, our cuffs are available in the following sizes (arm circumference in cm):

Standard cuff:    22 - 32 cm
Universal cuff:   22 - 42 cm
XL cuff:              33 - 48 cm
Children's cuff:  16 - 21 cm (only for boso medicus exclusive)