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Accessories and spare parts in boso quality

The right accessories for all boso products - matched to your device and in original boso quality. Are you looking for an additional blood pressure cuff or another cuff in a different size? You need a new power supply for your device? Here you will find an overview of all original boso spare parts and accessories for boso devices.

Protective covers

For boso TM-2450 cuffs

Fits the cuffs for the 24-hour blood pressure monitor boso TM-2450. The right cuff is important for reliable measurement results, and a skin-friendly, pleasant protective cover is important for your patients’ comfort. That is why the boso range includes the right protective cover for all cuff sizes.

All features at a glance

Protective covers matching the velcro cuffs for boso TM-2450.
The covers are made of natural, soft woven fabric - for a comfortable feeling on your patients’ skin.
Choose the right size:

Standard for adults:
M, for M cuffs L, for L cuffs

For strong arms:
XL, for XL cuffs

Also for children:
S, for S cuffs