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boso Warmth & Wellness Products - Good for your Well-Being and your Body

Warmth is a basic human need. Where it is warm, we feel comfortable.
It's the same for our body: Heat stimulates the blood circulation, it can relieve pain and it helps the organism to regenerate. Neck and headaches, tension and back problems can be relaxed with warmth and promote regeneration, even acute complaints can be alleviated.

As a remedy, heat is one of the oldest and most proven treatment methods. 

Heat can loosen muscle tension and improve the elasticity of tendons and ligaments. Pain, such as migraine or back pain, can also be relieved. 

Warmth not only calms and relaxes the body, but also increases metabolic processes. The body is better supplied with blood by the applied heat. This stimulation of blood circulation leads to an increase in metabolic processes. Thanks to these metabolic processes, tissues are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and metabolic waste products are transported away faster.

The immune system can also benefit from heat: thanks to the improved blood circulation through the heat, defence cells reach diseased tissue faster and the healing process starts earlier.

Although heat has many positive effects on health and relieves pain, heat is not always recommended. In the case of inflammation, such as inflammatory rheumatism, heat development in the body (local inflammation, redness, overheating, fever) or some diseases, such as herniated discs or sciatic pain, heat can have the opposite effect. If you are unsure where your pain comes from, you should consult a doctor. 

As a rule, cold is helpful for acute inflammation, while warmth is recommended for persistent or chronic pain. 

Heat relieves pain by relieving tension and improving the elasticity of tendons and ligaments. Blood circulation is stimulated and metabolic processes are increased at the same time. The tissues are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and the metabolic end products are transported away faster. 

Heat therapy is applied locally, i.e. at the affected site. Medical heat therapy is mostly used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially neck pain, chronic back pain and joint problems.

Heat is applied locally, i.e. to the affected area. The heat source can consist of hot air, infrared, ultrasound or heat packs. The heat source should be chosen according to the affected part of the body.