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For your safe measurement at home

Blood pressure provides important information about your health. Measuring it regularly is therefore one of the simplest and most effective ways of looking after your health. Measuring your blood pressure with a blood pressure instrument gives you the foundation for a long, healthy life, and it is a simple procedure that you can do at home.

boso medicus system

Premium upper-arm blood pressure monitor with app

This upper-arm device transforms your smartphone into an everyday blood pressure coach. Simply download the app to immediately save your highly precise measurements on your phone and have them analyzed automatically. Your vitals, such as blood pressure, pulse and possible arrhythmias, are always available – wherever you are. This simplifies a professional evaluation with a long-term profile, even if you are not a medical professional. You can even send a quick report to your family doctor. The boso system device has everything under control for you.

All features at a glance

  • Precise upper-arm measurements – clinically validated by ESH standards
  • Displays irregular heartbeat to help identify e.g. atrial fibrillation
  • Memory for 30 measurements, for 14-day profile
  • Measurement transfer to boso app via Bluetooth; simple and secure without the need for registration, cloud services or similar:
    - Saves blood pressure measurements, pulse and possible arrhythmias with date and time
    - Evaluates measurements with graphical or statistical depiction in a long-term profile
    - Sends reports via e-mail, e.g. to your family doctor
    - Transfer of the measurement results to the Apple Health app possible

  • Universal cuff for arm circumferences of 22 to 42 cm
  • Intelligent automatic pumping action for measurements without re-pumping
  • Optional equipment: XL cuff (32 to 48 cm) / power supply unit
  • Carrying case and alkaline batteries included
  • Quality guaranteed for 3 years

Telemonitoring with the boso app

boso can transmit the blood pressure measurements directly to your attending physician. This way, your doctor can control your treatment even better and over a longer period. For this purpose, we have integrated this interface to SciTIM. in our boso app. SciTIM. ensures that your physician has your measured values available in his software programme - convenient and safe viaencrypted and anonymized data exchange. If your doctor is already using SciTIM., you can simply unlock this function at your doctor’s office and you will receive your password. Your documented blood pressure measurements will then be transmitted to your doctor via SciTIM. over a period of time that your doctor will determine with you (usually once a year during 8 weeks).You must give your full agreement to your doctor in advance before the data transfer occurs.

If your doctor does not yet support SciTIM., you are welcome to inform him about this possibility. Simply use this flyer.

Please note:


The new boso App 2.0 is now available in German and English. Other user languages ​​are in progress. In addition to telemonitoring via SciTIM, the new boso app has:

- Personal reading note
- Blood pressure reminder function
- Additional family or partner user profiles can also be created
- Further output options via free PC evaluation software "boso profil-manager XD Home" or in tabular form as PDF.
- Clear data display from SYS/DIA and PULS in selectable time ranges as a statistical diagram or in numbers.
- Possibility to take over measured values ​​from the previous boso App version 1.3.3

System requirements for the current boso app version 2.0: iOS 12.4 (or newer) or Android 5 (or newer) and Bluetooth 4.0. 


For lower system requirements or an extended range of languages, you can use the boso app version 1.0 for iOS 11 (or newer) or Android 5 (or newer).

The boso app 1.3 is available in the following languages:

German           English           French          Italian           Spanish 
Swedish          Danish            Norwegian    Finnish         Hungarian 
Czech              Slovak


The version of the app 1.3 is not available in the Playstore. Use this link to download the Android version.

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