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Thermometers – avoiding risks.

One of the most important indicators of your state of health is the temperature of your body. Usually, feeling sick is a first indication of elevated temperature. The measurement at home is the first step to decide on a medication or the consultation of a doctor. Therefore exact and reliable results are very important.

Trust in boso’s thermometers.

bosotherm medical

infrared ear thermometer

The innovative infrared technology allows precise measurement in only 1 second. 
With illuminated display, fever alarm, ergonomically shaped for simple and easy use, acoustic signal indicating beginning and ending of the measurement, last measurement reading shown on the display automatically, including disposable hygienic probe covers, 2 year guarantee.

All features at a glance

  • Precision measurement in just 1 second
  • Clear illuminated display for comfortable reading in the dark
  • Alarm signal for fever
  • Particularly handy due to ergonomic design
  • Signal tone for start and end of measurement
  • Memory displays last measured value when switching on - Indication of rising or falling fever
  • 20 Hygienic protective covers
  • Elegant, practical safety box with 20 protective sleeves
  • Batteries included
  • 2 years warranty